Honestly at the beginning of this semester, i was totally empty, i have no any idea about this course, what im going to do, what should i buy, what are the tools i have to buy, anything, no idea at all. Felt like lost a bit, but i did not let it get worst, 

all i did was......


Seriously friends play a big important role in university life. i did learn a lot from them, i mean A LOT!!! From there, day by day, thousands or memories created.

When it comes to lecturers, simplicity is what matters. To Dr Mazran, Dr Hafizal, and Ar Haris, thank you so much for bringing a lively and unstressful environment throughout the whole semester for us. Eventhough we have been chase unstoppably, work by work, project by project, but it all made us who we are today,and also who we suppose to be.

I really appreciate every single second i have been through this semester, so unforgettable.

Wish that next semester will be even better. =)

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