Project 8 : Performance & Awards Night
For project 7 & 8, I feel so happy that Architecture can came out with such a great stuff, with such a short period of time, we managed to produced an outstanding outcome.

Project 7 : Exibition Day

Us = Architecture

Project 6 : USM Amphitheater Stage

 Site Analysis

Presentation Drawing

Concept & Early Design

 Mock-up Model




For the first time in my life, with the status of a FIRST YEAR University student, I have to deal with a huge company, which is the top developer in Malaysia, SP Setia. It was so scary that I have to deal with the site's engineer by myself, had a meeting with him at Setia Pearl Island Sales Gallery together with my group, went to the site with the site engineer, it was a really good experience for me.

Project 4 : Presentation Drawing

After a few tiring days of model making, this project was not that stressful as compared to the model making. in this project, This is the project that I begin to know most of my major friends, and also my teammates, I also learned how to use marker for colouring, and how to draw a perspective drawing.

Project 3(a) : Free-Form Sculpture

Heart with blood flows in it =D


This was the first group project in this semester, and this was also the first project that took my sleeping hours. Me and my three other teammates took quite some times to produce this design since this was the first project that we have to work with strangers , but in the end we still managed to complete this project in the given time. We were quite satisfied with the outcome. =)   

Project 2 : Natural & Man-Made Structure

Natural :

I chose this plant as my natural structure because this plant has very unique leaves structure, a fan-like structure. Besides that it adds aesthetic value to the landscape too.

Man-Made : 

Project 1(a) : Me, Myself And I

 For the first time in my life, i actually drew a potrait of myself. It was quite enjoying but my face in the drawing turn out to be fatter than I really am. =D

Project 1(b) : Personal Logo

"Let's Make Begin"
My logo illustrates an eagle that is ready to fly, this symbolises my passion and enthusiasms to start a new challenging life at School Of Housing, Building, and Planning of Malaysia's University of Science (USM).

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